The Advertising Association represents all sides of the advertising industry in the UK – advertisers, agencies, media owners and brands. It was founded in 1924 with the simple aim of promoting the role of advertising. However, recent negative media attention about advertising’s impact on society, required the AA to have a stronger voice to bring together its members and allow them to collectively own, rather than respond to, the public debate.

Our brief was to develop a brand that would bring clarity to the organisation’s purpose and enable it to become as powerful, visible and creative as the industry it represents.

Working with the AA’s board and a diverse group of its members, we developed a strategy for the brand that defined its purpose to protect and promote the rights and responsibilities of the advertising profession. We designed a bold visual identity to express the AA’s role as a champion, primarily employing two interlocking As to represent the Advertising Association specifically and the advertising industry generally.

The creative idea is brought to life through a series of 3-dimensional As employing colour, typography and playful graphic elements to represent a variety of communications.