Greg Quinton has over 25 years’ experience in branding and design at The Partners. He became Executive Creative Director in 2003 and has helped expand the business to New York and Singapore. He has won in excess of 200 international design awards including Black and Yellow D&AD pencils, and has work in the permanent collection at the V&A, London. Passionate about design education, he was D&AD Chair of Education before joining the Executive team. 

Nick Asbury is a writer for branding and design, and one half of the creative partnership Asbury & Asbury, whose projects include Disappointments Diary (an appointments diary with a series of disappointing twists), Corpoetics (corporate language rearranged into poetry), Pentone (the verbal equivalent of Pantone) and A6 Notebook (one of a series of notebooks inspired by British A-roads and standard paper sizes).


Beryl McAlhone is a writer with a particular interest in design. She began her career as a journalist, and has edited the women’s pages of The Observer and the design magazines Designer and Direction. She now works on a wide variety of design-related assignments. These have included research and writing for the British Design Consultancy Survey, the London Institute and the Chartered Society of Designers.

David Stuart was a founding partner and Creative Director of The Partners, the award-winning creative design consultancy. He has nearly 40 years’ experience in both design and branding, helping and advising companies on how best they can express themselves. Throughout his career David has encouraged more creative collaboration within the industry and promoted the greater use of wit in design. He was President of D&AD in 2001.