The Run For America brand identity needed to tread a fine line between being fresh and unconventional, whilst appearing familiar and authentically American.

The pragmatic idealists of RFA aim to restore a lost integrity to American politics.The identity does the same by recalling the graphic purity of public-spirited design of earlier ages, but re-interpreted for today.

The result is a strikingly simple identity that echoes the hands-on activism of the organisation, while practically being easy to use and reproduce within very limited means and tightly constrained budgets. Its ‘hands-on’ nature is designed to suggest and enable participation: symbolising the wresting of ownership back to the people.

The logo is a visual metaphor for Run For America’s mission. It takes the most iconic symbol of America, the flag, reduces it to its core parts and re-arranges them to form a stable letter A. The stability of the form is designed to support the idea of RFA being the solution to the current political situation. The modular identity can transform, reconstruct and change behaviour to communicate messages quickly and effectively