Consumer branding long since moved beyond fulfilling functional need and focuses instead on creating and fulfilling ‘desire’ – where needs have limits, desire has no boundaries. Who needs Apple? And yet… Brands that create a more desirable experience, command a premium. The luxury industry is further evidence of this. Thus in a competitive environment, preference and competitive edge is driven less by efficacy and functionality and more by patient benefit and experience. What does the ‘person behind the patient’ desire?



Value is not cost. In a patient-centric world value is more than the sum of a product and its clinical attributes, it is the totality of the experience the brand offers. In addition to its clinical claims, the benefit, life- and emotive experience must be accounted for. Sales and profit are crude measures of value. They fail to measure brand equity, a powerful and sustainable differentiator. Understanding, measuring and tracking the key drivers of brand equity is more useful – it’s indicative of relevance, preference and brand loyalty – a measurable barometer of future growth.

Treatment adherence provides another hard measure to explore from an effectiveness-measurement standpoint – potentially the most value-creating of all.