Sam joined The Partners in April 2014. His role is to develop brand strategy and communications for global brands. Sam’s passion is creating unique brand experiences that help clients navigate the ever-changing and volatile marketplace.

He's worked on complex brand and corporate communication programmes for numerous organisations, including BBC, John Lewis, BP, Unilever, Network Rail, Prudential, Maybourne Hotel Group and the government of Qatar. He  is currently working with the world’s largest media investment group on the new venture brand development, and helping one of the most coveted luxury brands celebrate its heritage on a global stage.

Sam is a native French speaker, having grown up in Brussels, and worked around the world across financial and professional services, technology, retail, arts and culture and non-profit. 

Before joining the marketing and branding world, Sam worked for the Brussels-based corporate affairs consultancy, providing advice on the ever-changing European Commission and Parliament legislation.

Sam is also an avid travel photographer, capturing unexpected moments and cultural nuances of street life around the world.