Claudia Trainer


Claudia joined The Partners in 2017 as part of the WPP Fellowship, which aims to develop multidisciplinary marketing leaders. She is fascinated by human behaviour, and problem solving, which drove her to study neuroscience at university, and subsequently into the world of brand strategy.

During her time at The Partners, Claudia has worked on a variety of projects, with clients ranging from Deloitte to Mundipharma to Yamaha. In her life before branding, Claudia worked as a technology consultant in the retail sector where she led international system integration teams, and the development of multichannel digital propositions.

Having grown up on a potato farm in Scotland, Claudia can often be found seeking out her natural habitat in the parks of London, or trying the strangest sounding item on any menu. She has a habit of starting far too many new hobbies; at the moment she is learning Spanish, and doing her best to resist the temptation to take up fencing.