Building on the transformative nature of Palladium’s work, we created a distinctive visual language that uses the play of words and imagery to showcase the shift from problem to solution, with authority and a sense of optimism.

The Palladium marque is inspired by the infinity symbol, reflecting the power of possibility to solve modern challenges without conventional constraints.

A bespoke typeface was created to reflect Palladium’s ability to take a vision and turn it into reality. The typeface comes in three cuts that grow gradually more complete – the first features just enough of the letterforms to be legible, the second starts to feel more fully-formed, the third retains a sense of ‘appearing’ but is the most complete.

The launch of the new brand coincided with GRM Futures’ 50th anniversary. We created a microsite — — and a series of short films that celebrated the transformational work of the organisation in agriculture, education, health and governance.

To inspire Palladium’s people to take action, we helped to run an internal competition, the Let’s Make it Possible initiative, that invited teams around the world to share their personal vision for positive impact and provide ideas and insight on where the available funding would be spent best.

A year on, Let’s Make it Possible grew to become a not-for-profit initiative that brings together Palladium people, partners and affiliates to provide direct financial support and mentoring to entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative organisations that deliver positive social impact around the world.