Working with GRM Futures’ Head of Brand, Jennifer Petersen, we created a complex strategic framework that unified diverse businesses within the group under one brand, later renamed as Palladium. 

We discovered that although Palladium operates in the area of NGOs, due to the scale and breadth of its commercial expertise it offers a more complete solution to social impact: from strategy through to implementation and measurement, creating an organisation like no other.

Driven by the leadership’s inherent belief in the impact economy, an environment where shareholder and societal values are mutually reinforced, we defined a purpose for Palladium that delivers a positive social impact for communities, environment and employees, and in return, a ‘profit with purpose’ for the whole organisation.

We defined a personality of the brand – authoritative, visionary and purposeful – and a set of values, or brand pillars, that informed a call to action: ‘Make It Possible’. This became a powerful rallying cry to inspire and give focus to all Palladium employees around the world, to make their vision a reality.