In 2000, all 189 United Nations members set a Millennium Development Goal to get all children into school and learning by 2015. Over a decade later, progress had stalled with over 59 million boys and girls still out of school. The Partners was asked to help A World at School and its founder Sarah Brown raise awareness of the issue and make global leaders take notice. 

We created a new brand #UpForSchool that would inspire people from all around the world to take action. By getting millions of signatures on the largest petition in history, we hoped to send out a message that no government could ignore. 

To rally young supporters around the world, we designed numerous petition books, t-shirts, badges and posters that would enable the brand’s ambassadors to connect, be noticed and be heard. 

#UpForSchool launched with a rally in New York and the support of the United Nations, Presidents, Prime Ministers, political and business leaders and Hollywood stars. The campaign gathered 10 million signatures in one year and is now becoming a truly global movement for change.