The merger brought together over 30 separately branded businesses, including established brands such as Millward Brown, Added Value and TNS. The goal was to rationalise these into a more streamlined and coherent offer under the Kantar name. This required extremely sensitive management of stakeholders who would be asked to surrender their own brands. The Partners worked with the group to develop a new brand that united the new business and aligned the diverse internal audience of 30,000 people behind the new brand.

We conducted interviews with individual CEOs to understand the business strategy and opportunities for each brand. From this we defined the market-facing brand architecture that simplified its portfolio into solution platforms for customers. We developed strategies for separate business units:  Kantar Retail, Kantar Health and Kantar Media that aligned individual operating brands, supported by a tier of stand-alone established brands, such as TNS and Millward Brown.

We knew that success in this strategy would mean creating a powerful Kantar brand story. We discovered that a ‘kantar’ was a unit of measurement, dating back to the C14th. We combined this with the insight that clients buying research don’t want to buy data or information, but rather inspiration – an idea they can act upon – to create a compelling proposition for Kantar: A Measure of Inspiration.