The Consortium for Street Children is a global network that promote the rights and supports the lives of children living on the streets around the world. In April 2011 the CSC and its corporate partner, Aviva, launched the International Day for Street Children, aimed at highlighting the challenges facing children living on the streets every day.

We were asked to create a campaign to encourage people in London, and around the world, to register their support and demand action from the UN. 

In order to challenge many common misconceptions, we decided to highlight the differences between the perception of an ideal childhood and the harsh reality faced by children living on the streets. 

We created Home Street Home, a guerrilla campaign that featured oversized traditional children’s bedroom signs, but placed in inhospitable urban environments. The signs were used to capture the public’s attention and provide a number of powerful images to be used for digital, social and print communications to promote the day.

The campaign gathered thousands of signatures on the first day alone. Through all the media mentions, social media interactions and first hand impressions, the campaign had a total reach of 8 million people. Every year since then support has grown, and street children and their champions now celebrate the day in over 130 countries.