Hong Kong is spoilt for choice when it comes to international art events, but it is often the major exhibitions that make the big headlines. The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, a community of over 50 galleries and museums, asked us to help promote and elevate local artists on a global stage as part of its Art Gallery Week sponsored by Bank of China.

We defined a creative idea to capture the imagination of Hong Kong’s discerning art audience and to connect numerous galleries under one brand. Inspired by the city’s topography, we created a new cultural map of Hong Kong overlaying the contours of the city with street names and pins marking the locations of museums and galleries, guiding potential visitors to a myriad of hidden culture gems.

A new website, promotional posters, show invitations and city guide maps were designed to inspire busy Hong Kong residents to notice what’s around the corner and experience the local art.

With over 40 public events and 12 exhibition openings, Hong Kong Art Gallery Week became the city’s largest-ever art event, with artists and speakers exploring themes relative to Hong Kong as a central cultural hub for the region and globally.

HKAGW 04.jpg