We stripped back the identity to its essence and refined the typography to amplify the luxury dimension of the brand. But the idea of Tension is what really brought the visual and verbal identity to life. The logo and elegant, modern typography are often sheared off the page. Large fields of black & white dominate layouts, adding drama and tension to compositions. Oversized logos are placed over full-page imagery, photographs are obscured with a sexy steam effect, evocative of a steam room or a hot studio. We also developed a distinctive tone of voice that is always provocative, never bland and never boring.  


Working as part of an integrated team with Weiden & Kennedy, R/GA and Equinox’s in-house creative team, we’ve helped to express the Equinox brand at every touchpoint.  Equinox firmly occupies a category of one – a lifestyle high performance brand that isn’t for everyone, and it’s not afraid to say it.