Why does all financial services advertising have to look the same? Deloitte wanted to be in a category of one, so rather than waste time with more wallpaper we created a campaign that only a category of one firm would do – the Green Dot campaign.

The visual impact and conceptual clarity of the campaign has been so successful around the Deloitte world that the campaign has run continuously for the last six years with many thousands of ads now run in more than 50 countries. The Green Dot campaign has become the single most successful communications concept in the history of the firm.



In 2014, we created an evolution of the Green Dot campaign to promote Deloitte Consulting in the US. Deloitte Consulting are single largest consultancy practice in the US but their profile and reputation were not in line with that stature. The result was a bold, high-impact campaign focusing on the big questions for business in the US. A very successful pilot led to a national roll-out, including placements in all major US airports.