Our approach to this programme was not to define a rigid process, but to define a way of working with Deloitte that would stand up to the highest levels of intellectual scrutiny (scrutiny is their business) and combine with our own creative intelligence to interrogate, challenge, persuade and convince.

Following an intensive period of familiarisation and fact-finding, we envisioned six potential brand territories for Deloitte and explored these in workshops with the client.  Together we developed a powerful core idea of Always One Step Ahead underpinned by three distinctive attributes: Anticipation, Pragmatism and Relentlessness. We then defined, in detailed terms, how this could be delivered to talent, clients, society and within Deloitte. 

We created a brand book to launch the idea to employees. The word brand is nowhere to be seen in this book. Just wonderful and inspiring stories that touch on the attributes of Always One Step Ahead and allow people to come to their own conclusions. The book was also created as an interactive ebook and series of video podcasts.