The ambition was to express the purpose of the brand and to provide the bank’s employees with flattering and smart uniforms they feel proud to wear. 

As well as looking great, the uniforms had to be flexible and durable, able to cope with different temperatures and a wide range of tasks; form had to meet function. This led to months of research and development, exploring how different fabrics would perform over long periods, finally culminating in a new weave being designed to produce the fabrics.

Inspired by the history, architecture, landscape and culture of Clydesdale and Yorkshire, we worked with a Glaswegian designer, Aimee Kent, and a Yorkshire mill to produce a bespoke range of fabrics and prints to celebrate the bank’s people and communities, supporting local industries in the process.


To give heritage a contemporary twist Kent created two unique prints that took inspiration from Glasgow's art and architecture along with Yorkshire's natural beauty and landscape. The tartan and tweed weaves were produced by Clissold Mill, founded in 1920 and made famous by ‘The British Collection’ it designed for Paul Smith. The style of the uniforms was created by an apparel design specialist, Goose Design.

The result is a stylish, hyperlocal offering of striking tartan and tweed, set off by original print and small details including bespoke branded buttons and a care label that reads ‘We care about local independent businesses. Designed and made in Britain.’ All the clothing went through extensive testing with staff to ensure it was created with as much care to fit as everyday wear.