We felt that a traditional approach to brand identity wouldn’t do justice to the Connaught. Rather than applying something superficial onto the experience of the Connaught, we wanted to create an identity that would truly become part of it; to enhance rather than constrain the magic of the hotel. 

Continuing the Connaught’s heritage as a patron of the arts, we commissioned artist Kristjana S Williams to create a unique artwork to capture some of the most iconic moments of the hotel’s life.



Taking inspiration from 150 separate moments including the hound crest, portraits of the Duke of Connaught, silverware and the chestnut trees outside the entrance, an original 2.5m x 2m collage was created to celebrate the rich provenance and personality of the hotel. Quintessentially British and profoundly Connaught, this now hangs in L’Espelette restaurant.