The UK's largest train network has been undergoing an ambitious £6.5bn redevelopment programme since 2009, which will transform rail travel from North to South through London.

By 2018 it will provide faster trains, new connection points and spacious modernised stations to enable seamless travel for millions of passengers who live, work, visit and pass through London every day. Several stations, such as London Bridge, Blackfriars and Farringdon are being completely redeveloped as part of the programme, defining them as modern cathedrals for the 21st century. 

However, a development of this scale can cause disruption and confusion for travellers. The Thameslink Programme asked us to redefine its brand and to develop a new communication programme that will convey positive messages of the benefits Thameslink is currently delivering and will deliver to its passengers in the future.

We took inspiration from the idea of connecting North and South, to create a brand that is built on the contrast and synergy between its equal halves. By juxtaposing features of the development with aspects of the route, it highlights the everyday human benefits of the network and future changes.

The first phase of the new communication programme was launched in June 2015 at London Bridge. And we continue working with the Thameslink Programme to develop a new confident brand, fit for the future.

Most recently we created a new hoarding outside London Bridge station, aimed at communicating the vital work that Network Rail is doing to improve life in the city. The 162-metre design takes the form of two trains, each to the scale of a real train, with over 100 life-size passengers pictured travelling inside and boarding the trains. A variety of messages accompany playful and colourful illustrations by London artist Rose Blake to brighten up everyday of London’s commuters.

LB Hoarding 20.jpg