Can you read emoji?

Just in case you can't read the emoji in a recent article published in The Drum, here is a translation about what our design director, Kevin Lan, thinks about brands using emojis. 

Emojis are awesome. They are literally taking iconography to the next level and making Pictionary a reality. Any way in which we can bring down language barriers and help people to communicate must be a good thing. However, does anyone actually know what emojis mean? Well, enough to get the gist.

Using emojis in branding is a slightly trickier question. Credibility is something that every brand needs to work at and persist with. 

Acting cool, and being cool are very different things. The worst that can happen is that a brand can end up looking like a dad at a disco.

In the case of the McDonalds ad, I can’t help but feel a slight amount of cynicism. It was only ever going to be attacked.

Just because you speak the lingo, doesn’t mean we’re best buddies now.