Talking Type with Scott Lambert

The English language and its Roman characters are renowned for rigid systems and rules. Or so we thought.  This summer we’ve been encouraged to look at familiar things in unfamiliar ways in an exhibition of The Typefaces, a creation of our Singapore-based Design Director Scott Lambert.

And where better to think about type differently than in The Gallery at Foyles’ flagship bookstore, a space curated by Futurecity.

The exhibition has been open to the public since mid-July and will end on Sunday 6 August, making this weekend its last.  So, drop by and make a face if you haven’t already!

Inspired by letterpress printing and childlike observations, these award-winning faces in type appeal to the designer in every child and the child in every designer.   Something that we put to the test last week when we co-hosted a private view of the exhibition with The Typographic Circle.  

Type-enthusiasts and designers (of both the child-like and adult variety) descended upon the exhibition one evening to be inspired and hear from Scott how the idea was born, and to make a face of their own at the letterpress station.

The exhibition has been the debut of The Typefaces Numbered Editions, which are hand-printed by Scott, each carrying its own unique quirk, imperfections, and charm.

Explaining how the quantity available for each print is defined by its subject – for example, there are only three prints of the number three and six of the number six – Scott says:

“The idea of limiting the prints was born from uncertainty. When we are presented with the realisation that our time with someone could become finite, we understand every day with them is precious. I hope the prints become a joyful reminder to appreciate our time with the one-of-a-kind people in our lives.”

Find out more about The Typefaces here

With thanks to Alex Hough from work-form for his photography.