Fear more, not fearless

Calling the fearful: our multi-award winning UK Creative Director, Stuart Radford, will be joining D&AD’s Creative Design Lab on Friday 28 July to share some words of wisdom and reveal how a healthy dose of fear can be an asset in the creative industry today.

Stuart will reflect on how fear – “the fear of a new brief, the fear of pitch, the fear of giving a talk (including this one), the fear of an idea not being good enough” - has impacted his work and why, for him, fearing more is better than fearing less. In his own words: “fear has helped me do my best work – it ensures I question the work more rigorously, explore more and push myself and the work further. In fact, it is still one of my most important motivators.”

The talk will follow an earlier ‘Design Bravery’ session by Dave King, Design Director, Studio LR, and forms part of the D&AD ‘Friday Late’ sessions. So embrace the butterflies in your stomach and the tremors in your knees, and book tickets here: D&AD.