Keeping ACO ahead of the current

ACO Technologies is one of the largest water management companies in the world, headquartered in Germany, with leading services and products across a number of categories.

For the past 30 years, it has built a first-class reputation for innovation, diversifying its offer to compete across the sectors and collaborating on large-scale infrastructure projects such as Heathrow Terminal Five, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Tate Modern Switch House.

ACO approached The Partners to evolve its brand to reflect the firm’s leading position. The brand needed to address two challenges in particular.  

A victim of its own success

ACO had become a victim of its own success; one of its signature offers had become so synonymous with the product across the market that it had begun to represent the generic trademark, rather than being specific to ACO.

A saturated market

The second challenge was that competition was increasing and saturating the market, trading lower quality products to ACO’s core audiences – architects, contractors and builders.  ACO needed to communicate why the unrivalled quality of its products and depth of expertise was still the industry standard of excellence, positioning the business as the ultimate partner across the sector.  

After consulting with senior management and the sales team, we developed a new positioning that focused on the single-mindedness and passion of ACO. It is a brand that invests in the smallest details whilst developing and innovating new products; ACO’s strength lies in its technical expertise and the strength of its global network.

We created a series of trade advertisements, aimed at highlighting ACO’s superior experience, insight and capability.

High contrast black and white imagery defined a precise and detailed photographic style that worked in a tiered system. From the grand architectural projects that ACO have collaborated on to the meticulous capture of the product itself, the advertisements celebrate the design acumen in the finest detail.

This served to give the proposition a sense of the breadth, whilst highlighting the level of engineering excellence within the product – positioning ACO as the ultimate leader in its sector.