What's your type?

The award-winning The Typefaces, created by our Singapore-based design director, Scott Lambert, is hosting a mini-exhibition this week at 50 Scotts Road, Singapore.

The Typefaces, or simply faces in type, breathes life into a type, adding personality to 26 roman letterforms by pairing simple designs with kooky rhymes.

They were born in a book, grew up in a comic and can now be found wandering the streets, climbing the walls, tweeting their mouths off, and spending all their time on the worldwide interwebs. They continue to live in a neat little book, in a commuter-friendly newspaper edition, and in t-shirts and posters that will appeal to designers of any age.

Some have said the concept encourages us all to look at familiar things in new ways. Others have said it encourages us to look for polar bears.

And, in more breaking news, The Typefaces are coming to London this summer. Watch this space…