Creating Brand Love in an Age of ‘Likes’

Our Design Director, Scott Lambert, will be launching the Marketing 360 Workshop series by British Chamber of Commerce Singapore. 

On 16 May, Scott will lead a discussion about how brand identity and behaviour are essential ingredients in forging more meaningful and memorable connections in a world of hyper-connectivity.  Brands should aspire to have a deeper bond with their customers. Join Scott’s workshop to learn how to shift your brand from the world of ‘likes’ into a world of emotional engagement.

The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore is a membership organisation which consists of a dynamic business community of over 3,000 executives, representing around 400 companies.  The organisation provides its membership with connections and support, offering frequent and diverse opportunities for networking and exchange. The Marketing and Creative Business Group of BritCham Singapore have recently launched their Marketing 360 Workshop series to provide in-depth learning opportunities around niche aspects of marketing.

Scott’s workshop will run on Tuesday 16 May, 7.30 - 09:30am, at the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.  To attend, book here.