Brands made welcome by Emogi


Emogi is a visual messaging platform that intelligently integrates emoji, stickers, and GIFs to enrich consumer conversations.

Our New York studio worked with Emogi to create an identity that expresses the playfulness of the company culture and its business without losing the intelligence and dynamism inherent in the deep science that powers the products. 

When we communicate, we’re doing so visually more than ever before. Last year alone, people sent 43 trillion messages. And a significant number of these messages are visual. In fact, so much so, that emoji has been officially recorded as the fastest growing language in history.  But, unlike many other social platforms, brands and advertisers are pretty much shut out from instant messaging. We are hyper sensitive to advertisers getting into our intimate conversations.

But this is about to change.

Founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, Travis Montaque, Emogi has found a way, through a combination of brilliant data and deep understanding of behavioral science, to enable brands to participate positively in the billions of instant messaging conversations we have every day.

Emogi’s tech finely predicts consumer conversations, and helpfully serves up appropriate branded content. 

Targeting brands, agencies and media planners, we developed a brand proposition that tells the story of how Emogi can create branded emojis, stickers and gifs for brands and then serve them seamlessly to consumers (without annoying them), inside their messaging apps.

The central idea of ‘Brands welcome’ neatly sums up the purpose of Emogi.

The letter G within the logo scales and changes proportion to encompass a variety of visual content and by doing so, simply and directly explains exactly what the business enables.

Fresh vibrant colors complement bold typography to create a striking look with the minimum of fuss – very much echoing the reductive aesthetics of mobile: the brand’s natural home.

The flexible and collaborative nature of the identity allows Emogi to showcase brand partnerships by applying colors and visual content from their clients.

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