Studio B opens its doors

This week Studio B opened its doors in London. A brainchild of B, the digital banking service from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, Studio B is a new space on Kensington High Street, created to nurture ideas that will help shape the future of banking. This creative space is as innovative as the brand itself, reinventing not only the way we view high street banks, but also the way a bank could shape our relationship with money. The space is designed to transform ideas into possibilities.

The Partners worked with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank on the creation and launch of the B brand last year and were brought in to help reinterpret the branding to work within the Studio B space. The identity of Studio B represents invention, ideas, and imagination, and was simplified to give it a lighter, more ‘free’ look and feel for the environment.

The industrious interior design of the space, developed by Four by Two, emphasises the creative focus of the space, ensuring that it feels tangible and real. The space will be used to foster new ideas, turning potential thought-starters into prototypes for customers to try. In the spirit of the B brand, Studio B will make the consumer an integral part of B’s innovation, co-creating a strong relationship between the bank and its customers. Studio B is another step towards reshaping the future of banking.