Meet The Brickyard

The Brickyard

Once a month, a bunch of food-obsessed friends transform a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn into a fully immersive dining experience for 20 guests. Meet The Brickyard, an underground supper club that sits on a knife edge between fine-dining and immersive entertainment.

Each theme is mindfully curated (we are in Brooklyn) then swiftly splashed across exquisite and original food, drinks, music, decor, costumes… and you.

The Partners New York team have created an identity that captures some of the quirkiness, fun and DIY passion. Oh, and the squish of fitting 20 people into a one-bed apartment. The logo is a visual expression of the little apartment that’s reimagined each month. The letters inside represent the varying characters and backgrounds of the crowd of people who come together inside the super-cozy space. The letters within the logo change for each event, and with the aid of rubber stamps, stencils and Instagram, it is applied vigorously across many things. Sometimes not very well. But, you get the idea.

To act as teasers for the event, a set of posters simply combine food and experience in one slightly and appropriately surreal image.