Cultural TV channel ARTE unveils a new look

The Partners and Lambie-Nairn collaborate to evolve brand for European cultural TV channel, ARTE.

ARTE's new on-air and online look is inspired by a scenographic interpretation that reflects the their remit to be a cultural channel for Europe.

The new brand identity was initiated by Cécile Chavepayre, ARTE’s artistic director since May 2012. She recruited a team, led by Stuart Radford, from the British brand agencies.

For 25 years ARTE has been passionate and committed to broadcasting living arts and cultural heritage content within Europe and beyond. The European channel curates culturally diverse content in all its manifestations and makes that available for Europeans. The new design translates ARTE’s mission into a visual identity.

The new brand identity was initiated by Cécile Chavepayre, ARTE’s artistic director, who wanted to bring unity across the brand and engage a wider audience.

The ultimate objective for ARTE was to develop a new brand that communicated with more warmth and humanity, to resonate with younger viewers as well as their current audience. 

Flexibility was key to the success of this new approach. ARTE needed a system that would enable them to create contrast and pace to ensure an engaging and entertaining experience for their audience. 

Inspired by the observation that ARTE curates and gathers all of Europe’s culture in one place, the brand idea developed into ARTE – Europe’s cultural magnet. The ARTE logo was reimagined as a magnet then, to maximise the space of a 16:9 screen, it was spun 90 degrees and placed on a vertical axis. The Cultural Magnet idea is applied single-mindedly across all aspects of the brand’s touch points from broadcast to print. 

“We chose to work with The Partners, who collaborated with on-screen brand experts Lambie-Nairn on this project, and they came up with an unexpected idea that seduced us: ARTE, Europe’s cultural magnet. The concept has won the support of all, French and German, which is very rare for our organisation because the tastes are not always the same. ARTE now has an idea that brings unity to our brand and also gives us the freedom to represent the breadth of our content.”

Cécile Chavepayre, Creative Director, ARTE

“As soon as we received the brief, we were very excited by the potential of this project. One of the challenges was to develop an idea that would strike the right balance between contrast and consistency – particularly as ARTE doesn’t air paid-for advertising, meaning the ad breaks only feature and promote ARTE’s content. The Cultural Magnet idea provides that balance. We executed it with a touch of wit and a high level of attention to detail and craft. And, ultimately, we created an engaging and charming experience that compliments the channel’s content."

Stuart Radford, UK Creative Director, The Partners

“What struck with the cultural magnet idea was the potential of pushing it into unexpected places. Together with Arte and The Partners, we’ve developed a really strong, single-minded concept that can develop over the coming years. There’s a freshness to the on-air design that’s been lacking in the way we consume television of today. We’re looking forward to seeing it grow.”

Graeme Haig, Design Director, Lambie-Nairn