Pause to remember

Fedrigoni_1500x500 copy.jpg

Fedrigoni 365 was conceived as a project to commemorate the year 2018 by asking leading UK-based creatives to contribute a piece of work for its annual calendar.  The result is a striking black tome housing 365 single-colour designs within - each design created as an interpretation of a date that was provided at random to each participant. 

The Partners was invited to design November 11 - a day to remember our fallen heroes.  Our design sees the 11 become a pause button to signify the 2-minute silence that takes place in their honour. 

The idea, simple and pared down to act as a visual pause within the collection, was born from a brainstorm between Neeva Haria, a design intern at the time, design director Kevin Lan, designers Sam Hall, Sam Ratcliffe, Becki Sewell, Miki Nathan from our client team, and the project was overseen by our UK creative director Stuart Radford. 

Get your copy of Fedrigoni 365 for next year here.

Images: Fedrigoni