Play to win


The newly launched WPP Sports Practice offers sports brands, rights-owners, and event hosts a global entry point to the very best of WPP’s sports expertise. It brings together diverse services from dozens of WPP agencies specialising in strategy, rights sales, fan engagement, sponsorship, destination marketing, branding and data intelligence.

The Partners was asked to create a brand that would capture the versatility of this offer and reflect the dynamic nature of the world of sport.

The identity is inspired by the visual language of sports tactics boards and the knowledge of how to ‘play to win’ – bring to life the role that Sport Practice plays in the metaphor of the coach on the side-line positing and guiding players to deliver the best results.  The typographic style is combined with the textures of surfaces where sport is played – the pitch, the court, the pool.

To fulfil both the vision and scale of Sports Practice, we created a comprehensive brand framework that can function across a variety of applications—from print to digital, and internal to external communications. The brand’s ever-changing identity reflects a range of clients, possibilities and collaborations, as the Sports Practice becomes a platform for partnerships with agencies and is featured in third-party content. From racetrack to hockey rink, from sports field to agency room, WPP’s Sports Practice is equipped with the tools it needs to play to win.