New brand for LSO

London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) has unveiled a new identity, created by The Partners.

The new brand marks a new chapter in the history of the LSO, with a return to London of celebrated conductor, Sir Simon Rattle, who brings a passionate vision for the LSO, creating a truly iconic orchestra that is always looking forward, always moving, accepting no limitations on what it can achieve to bring the power of music to everyone.

Inspired by the original identity by The Partners, a historic marque that represents a conductor, the new brand uses the very same starting point that a concert performance would – the conductor. With Sir Simon Rattle at the very heart of the brand, we created a visual language that depicts the conductor’s movements, as he creates and shapes a musical performance, reflecting the emotional power of music through colour, texture and motion.

Starting with the live motion-capture of Sir Simon Rattle’s conducting movements to excerpts of Elgar’s Variations on an Original Theme, ‘Enigma’, we worked with the LSO, Vicon Systems and the teams at The University of Portsmouth’s School of Creative Technologies, to capture the nuances of Sir Simon’s conducting movement at the Barbican. Using a motion capture suite, specially modified baton, and 12 top-of-the-range Vicon Vantage cameras, we captured the movement at 120 frames per second, resulting in incredibly accurate data performance.

We then worked with the digital artist, Tobias Gremmler, to transform the data into a series of animated films, bringing to life the sheer power of music at its full force, in a vortex of wood, brass, smoke and strings, with the sweeping gestures of Sir Simon Rattle rendered in wires reminiscent of the strings of the instruments themselves.

The bespoke typography takes two distinct forms – one of grand, sweeping gestures used through extended rich, long-phrased passages; and one of fast, dynamic and dramatic gesture – to express the nuances of the character and feelings of emotive motion that only music can create.

Collectively the animated film and subsequent stills form a visual language that introduces the LSO’s 2017/18 season, as well as providing the basis for additional visual interpretations including photography of the individual players in full, passionate motion, and two custom headline typefaces, used in communications, to reflect the conductor’s movements during extremes of musical expressions.

We continue working with the London Symphony Orchestra to enrich the visual language of the ongoing brand to support the Orchestra on the new chapter of its history.

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