In Jaipur this week for Designyatra

At an annual design conference created and curated by Kyoorius in Jaipur between Thursday 29 September – Saturday 1 October, Greg Quinton, our Executive Creative Director will share his thoughts on the power of ideas in design, and speak of his passion for upholding the highest standard of craft.

Kyoorius is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2006, that celebrates all aspects of creative communication and marketing, and that seeks to inform, inspire, and stimulate the creative industry in India. The conference, Designyatra, is one of the leading international design conferences that has, over the years, featured some of the biggest names in the global creative and communications industry.

Greg believes that as today’s designers continue to enjoy access to new technologies and greater freedom across disciplinary boundaries, the role of craft and creativity is more important than ever:

“We will always be delighted by a surprising thought, beautifully expressed; the challenge is to find a way to use our talents to solve problems, to improve lives and experiences – to create things that not only get noticed, but that also get remembered. In a modern world overwhelmed by communications and noise, there is an ever-growing appetite for craft, depth, and meaning in all walks of life, not least because people are more aware of the value of their time.”

To find out more about the conference, please get in touch.