Greater Diversity. Greater Creativity.

As D&AD members elect new trustees to their board this week, our Design Director and design trustee nominee, Katherina Tudball, makes a powerful statement on why the creative industry needs to do more to reflect the diversity in our society today. 

How would you support D&AD over the next three years?

Diversity is great for creativity, but our industry has a long way to go. Creative departments need to reflect society and promoting a wider gender, ethnic and social mix must be a top priority in 2016 and beyond. There is still a woeful lack of women in creative leadership roles and many young female creatives do not see a path to the top for themselves. At this point in my career I feel a personal responsibility to be visible and help accelerate change. At D&AD a lot of great work has been done to make the organisation much more inclusive. As a trustee and ambassador I would make sure that tackling this issue remains at the heart of D&AD and champion practical action to promote true diversity and real gender equality in our professions. New creatives from all backgrounds need to be able to imagine themselves as future leaders and find support throughout their careers to get there.

Why should D&AD Members vote for you?

As an active member since 2003 I am very familiar with, and supportive of, the excellent work that D&AD does beyond the glamour of the professional awards. This is the stuff that makes D&AD really great. I began my career working with the then president Michael Johnson and experienced first-hand the behind the scenes work that went into fulfilling that role, as well as the creation of the 40th anniversary Rewind exhibition and book project. Over the years I have judged both the Professional and New Blood awards, worked on the design of an annual, and contributed to numerous New Blood educational events such as panel discussions, portfolio surgeries, academy selection, academy mentoring, and advising school teachers on creative careers. I am very excited about the good that D&AD can do for the next generation and would love the opportunity to continue my work with the organisation in a more official capacity.


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