Building Sri Lanka’s Future

On Tuesday 20 September and Wednesday 21 September, Anupam Yog, our Strategy Director in Singapore, will speak at the LBR LBO Infrastructure Summit 2016.

Lanka Business Online, Sri Lanka’s leading online source of business and economic news, will host the summit with the view to providing valuable insight for Sri Lanka’s policy makers.  This year’s event – Realising the Transformative Power of the Western Region Development – will explore the opportunities and challenges of driving a nation’s economic growth through urbanisation.  As one of the least urbanised nations among the lower middle-income economies, Sri Lanka’s present government has identified urban development as a strategic priority.

With his experience in positioning India as the ‘Fastest Growing Free Market Democracy’ at the World Economic Forum in Davos, as well as crafting public diplomacy campaigns for Brand India across the globe, Anupam will provide a valuable set of insights at the Summit. Discussions at the event will examine the transformative power of urbanisation, specifically the possibilities within the Western Province context; how these visions can be executed; how intelligent, viable, and sustainable transport solutions can be designed; the approach to liveability, resilience, and climate maintenance; and finally how to position Sri Lanka as an investment destination in order to secure the funding required for the project.

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