Well done to The Typefaces

We wanted to give a big round of applause to our Singapore Design Director, Scott Lambert, who has recently published a children's book. Since its release, The Typefaces has been gathering momentum in the press and creative awards arena including two wins at The Drum Design Awards and Best in Show at The Print & Typography Lettering Awards.  Most recently it picked up a bronze at the New York Festivals and has been shortlisted at Design Week and D&AD. 

This is the result of Scott, who is a dedicated illustrator/designer, becoming a dad. He pulled together a simple and fun children’s book using his passion for typography and graphic design. The Typefaces offers nothing more than the title prompts: faces in type. Each page is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet drawn with simplicity and honesty, and featuring a unique face or head. He also wrote kooky rhymes to accompany his characters.

The book is not only entertaining for children, but their parents as well. The Typefaces invites grown-ups into a playful game and allows their eyes to take a fresh look at familiar things. For children, it provides a beautiful and fun way to get acquainted with letters. You can purchase your copy here