Open The Black Box

VR Bengaluru is the brand new lifestyle destination in Bangalore’s metropolitan region. The flagship development from India’s largest institutionally-owned retail platform, Virtous Retail of The Xander Group, was conceived as the country’s first integrated lifestyle destination, bringing together premium retail, boutique hotel and residences, collaborative working spaces and a diverse programme of local and international cultural events.

The Black Box is a simple play on the building’s boldly black façade. Created by The Partners Singapore, the concept of the box, and the temptation to open it, has the potential to trigger people’s emotions on a universal level – be it surprise, excitement, intrigue, imagination or memory.  A simple metaphor with endless possibilities, it effortlessly transforms the physical space, weaved into the fabric of the city, into an icon.

The Black Box of Delights opened on 21 May 2016, with A Once in a Blue Moon party, hosted by musicians, street artists and local communities coming together to celebrate the magic of the VR Bengaluru.