Hands-on Activism

Americans have become fed-up with an elective government that’s just not working in their common interest.

Built to re-engage Americans with how they’re governed, Run for America is committed to repairing American elective government from within. By practically supporting candidates for office who are fair-minded and motivated by progress, not dogma, they aim to achieve lasting change for the people of the USA.

Run For America needed an identity that is authentically American, but could also be distinctive and stand out. It needed the versatility to be about to work hard to tell the story of the movement in a striking way, while also being easy to use by people with limited financial means. It had to work at very small sizes and at very large sizes given the nature of political campaigning, as well as adapting to allow candidates to show their connection to RFA without the identity dominating their individual campaign materials.

Run For America aims to restore a lost integrity to American politics. The identity does the same by recalling the graphic purity of public-spirited design of earlier ages, but re-interpreted for today.

The modular nature of the logo means the identity can transform, reconstruct and change behavior to tell RFA’s story. Its ‘hands-on’ nature is designed to suggest and enable participation: symbolizing the wresting of government back to the people.

We’re proud to support this inspiring organization in its quest to restore the promise of America for the 21st Century. Watch the story here