A Smile in the Mind... and a glass in the hand

The hugely anticipated new edition of A Smile in the Mind will be hitting shelves on 9 March.

First published by Phaidon in 1996 by Beryl McAlhone and one of The Partners’ co-founders David Stuart, it has now been extensively revised and updated by co-authors Greg Quinton and Nick Asbury for the modern age. 

Featuring over 1,000 projects and interviews with the brightest creative minds around the world, the new edition shows how 'witty thinking' in design and branding powers some of the world’s biggest brands. Seeing humour, irony and intellectual playfulness as the shortest distance between brands and audiences. Bringing the smile that earns its place in your mind.

We will be celebrating the release with an informal launch party at The Partners’ London studio on Wednesday, 9 March.