Can ice cream sell in any weather?

How do you inject innovation into a commoditised category? How do you create differentiation in a saturated space? How can you stretch a perceived seasonal sector?

We at The Partners believe that if you start with a strategic thought that provokes a simple creative idea you can innovate in a way that challenges conventional thinking and opens up new possibilities. In our recent work for The Grocer, we applied these principles to the ice cream category, one of many that suffers from saturation and market stagnation.


Innovate on format

There is always room for innovation in format. Be that physical packaging, brand design or both. Whether that is in messaging, form or language. Never be afraid to disrupt the category although ensure that disruption is based on solid insights.



Studies show that tubs are the nations favourite way to buy ice cream. We played with the simple insight around sharing or trying to not eat the thing in one go alone. + is a flexible playful brand that allows you to be generic and specific, seasonal and annual, personal or needs based.


Combine Sectors

By bringing sectors together you will gain innovation on the product front and also double the reach and relevance of the brand. Obviously ensure the sectors have a relevance and relationship in the mind of the consumer, even if at first glance they don’t realise it.



Did you know that it’s possible to bake ice cream? Well it is (albeit with a few extra ingredients). Why not play off the enjoyment and year round pleasure of simple baked pleasure but with an ice cream twist? Sold in the frozen food aisle Frosting is ice cream that you cook.  




Whilst veering towards trend a little the ability to premium-ize a category will also future proof the offering somewhat as quality tends to appeal to a more affluent market less impacted by economic fluctuations. It also allows the brand to stand out from the pack.



The simple combination of the indulgence of ice cream, the adult pleasure of alcohol and the idea of a premium brand. 018 is frozen indulgence for adults. All the sensual pleasure of delicious ice cream with the added bonus of a pleasing buzz at the end. The perfect way to sit in the park with friends on a sunny day and toast the perfectness of life.


Originally posted in The Grocer.