We worked with the BHF to build a campaign to raise awareness for one of their key strategic initiatives: Creating A Nation of Lifesavers. Key to this is training people in the simple lifesaving skills of CPR. Our idea was to focus the call to action by giving the term CPR a more relevant, memorable and simple meaning – CALL PUSH RESCUE. The launch of the campaign received high national media profile, 16.8m twitter impressions, and 12,000 school children now trained in CPR.



The revitalised BHF was re-launched internally in December 2012 and externally in April 2013 and continues to be rolled out across the many facets of the BHF. 

We continue to work with the BHF delivering the brand across the organisation – from research to prevention and care, from fundraising to retail to BHF events. Results so far have been encouraging with BHF moving up from 7th to 5th in the Third Sector Charity Brand Index.