Aligning and motivating the internal audience was a key part of this programme. We ran workshops with each of the key business areas to explore how Fight for Every Heartbeat could relate to their own activities and goals. We also devised a ten-point manifesto for the internal audience, to equip them for their own role in the fight. This contained ideas for delivering the brand personality in their own working lives and interactions with others. 

We re-branded the BHF’s membership programme aimed at supporting and developing the UK’s heart healthcare professionals as the British Heart Foundation Alliance.


We created a unifying proposition and visual language for the BHF Events Series to further strengthen and encourage greater participation, fundraising behaviour and connection to the cause. Central to this was to promote the sense of collective participation in the Fight for Every Heartbeat by creating communities of heart eventers – Heart Runners, Heart Swimmers, Heart Cyclists and Heart Trekkers.